Setting up a website – a quick overview

I want to setup a new website. Where do I start ?


Setting up a website…

A standard website consists of the following 3 things:

(1) A Domain Name (such as “”)
This is the web address that customers will use to access your website, and it is unique to you. This address is based on your business name and will require an ABN or business number to be registered to you. This address is technically known as a Domain Name.

(2) Website Pages (such as “About us”, “Contact us”)
These pages are usually built by a web developer, using your visual branding style to enhance your brand, and promote a fresh technological marketing image.

The pages can be as simple or complicated as you require, from a basic set of marketing pages to a fully self managed online store.

(3) A Website Hosting Server (the “Engine”)
Hosting is the place where we put your finished website for others to view it.

It consists of racks of computers, with many websites installed, all networked together and connected via high speed links to the internet, each waiting patiently to send your images, text, video and other content, wrapped in a webpage, back to the potential customer.

Most good hosting is located in a specialised and secure Web hosting data centres along with thousands of other websites. Our hosting operates from data centers in central Sydney.

This server can also provide you with email addresses that relate back to your domain name, for instance “”.


setting up a website


What should I do now?

If have thought about setting up a website in the near future, then contact us to purchase the domain name and hosting as soon as possible.


The reason for this is that search engines often take some time to become aware of your business. For instance, it can take Google months to actually recognise your website and start to include it in customers searches, so starting sooner rather than later is good advice from the search engine point of view.


How we can help you..

At Helpwise, we can manage all 3 services for you from start to finish with competitive pricing and great customer service.


We can start by registering the Domain Name and setting up a Web Server for you. In the meantime, you work out what you would like on your website and what your budget may be.

We can also add value options such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and where appropriate, suggest features such as Photo Galleries, Forums, Customer Newsletters and so on. Please feel free to look through Our Services to see some of the work we have done.

Pricing is available on application. Send us your site requirements here and we will happily send you a competitive, no obligation, Free Quote

And don’t hesitate to ring us on 02 8883 2600 if you have any questions that relate to your specific website needs.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Happy Surfing.