Do I need a .au domain ?

Do I need a .au domain ?

Since March 2022, small businesses and individuals have been offered a new Australian domain name ending with just a short “.AU”

This new domain type will be available to the general public after Sept 21 with No ABN or close contact needed – meaning a domain “free for all”  any member of the public will be able to register your domain name with a .au on the end instead of   This is pretty serious in our view

It could also possibly replace the .COM.AU as the most popular (slightly shorter) domain postfix in years to come.

We believe its well worth buying the new domain simply to stop others grabbing it after Sept 21 2022

We have personally bought to protect our brand from domain squatters.

You can then decide to use it,  or just hold on to it. And being the same low cost as a standard domain, Any business that wants to retain their brand should take this up asap in our view

Obviously we can help out with the registration if you like, just contact us with the domain and the ABN you wish to register the name under, and your existing etc and we can start the process

Definitions of all Australian domain name types can be viewed here.